High-Quality, Contemporary look

Wire bound spines are available in black, white, blue, red, bronze and silver; in diameters from 6.3mm to 32mm.

Wire Binding Machines:
W20 | W25E | WR-200 | WR-2500 | CW-4500 / CW-350 | WireMac-Duo

Hole Punch & Closers:
Magnapunch 2.0 | MP2500iX | MP2000 W3 | TL2900 | MC12

Neopost Binding Guide

All-In-One, Wire Punch & Binding Machines

GBC WireBind W20, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Punch & Binder

GBC WireBind W20

Ideal for frequent office use, the sturdy and practical GBC WireBind W20 is designed to make manual binding easier. With document...

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GBC WireBind W25E, Binding Machine
Electric Wire Punch & Binder

GBC WireBind W25E

With electronic punching built-in, the GBC WireBind W25E makes wire binding even easier. It has a host of intelligent features, including...

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WR-200, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Punch & Binder


The WR-200 multi-functional wire binding machine has a single handle designed for both punching and binding. Equipped with 2 blades for...

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WR-2500, Binding Machine
Electric Wire Punch & Binder


The heavy duty, quality-built WR-2500 office electric wire binding machine has the flexibility of 2:1 (23 holes) and 3:1 (34 holes)...

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CW-350 Binding Machine
Wire & Comb, Punching & Binding Machine

CW-4500 & CW-350

Neopost brings the elegant, powerful and multi-functional dual-binding system CW-4500 and CW-350. Built...

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GBC WireMac-Duo, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Punch & Binding Machine

GBC WireMac-Duo

The GBC WireMac-Duo has both the 2:1 and 3:1 pitch twin loop die sets installed in a single unit, with no need to change dies. Dies can be...

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Hole Punchers & Finishers

GBC Magnapunch Hole Punching Machine
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC Magnapunch 2.0

The robust design of the GBC Magnapunch 2.0 ensures dependability, productivity and ease of use. The higher capacity Magnapunch 2.0 sets the standard in...

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GBC MP2500iX, Hole Punching Machine
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2500iX

Binding doesn't get any simpler! The GBC Modular Punch MP2500iX is an interchangeable die punch designed with productivity and versatility in mind. Choose...

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GBC MP2000 W3, Binding Machine
Moderate-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2000 W3

The GBC MP2000 W3 features a vertical open-throat punch designed for easy paper alignment, thereby eliminating punching skew. Designed with...
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GBC TL2900, Binding Machine
Electric Wire Bind Closer

GBC TL2900

The GBC TL2900 presents a revolutionary single-position load and crimp station, with hassle-free operation. Twin Loop bound documents lie...

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GBC MC12, Binding Machine
Manual Wire Bind Closer


The GBC MC12 WireBind manual finisher with universal handle makes wire binding easy for all users in any setup or situation. Adjustment...

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