Transactional communications: get more from your customer communications with Neopost’s Transpromo solution

The theory behind transactional communications is a simple one. Customers may not look twice at a marketing mail shot, but they’ll definitely pay careful attention to an invoice or account statement. According to research, almost all transactional documentation is opened and clients take around three minutes looking at this sort of document.

Transactional communications tool offers multiple advantages to businesses:

  • Faster response rates
  • Creates up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Optimizes efficiency
  • Cuts costs
  • Multi-channel capability
  • No inserts needed

In practice, how does transactional communication actually work? The idea is to incorporate key business messages within invoices and customer statements. Some companies may want to use this tool to deliver marketing or promotional information – details of special offers, new product news etc. Others will focus more on the operational side of their business and will find this kind of communication a useful channel for passing on information about changes to prices.


Transactional communications: harnessing the hidden potential in your transactional documentation

The Transpromo transactional communications solution is just one of Neopost’s range of products and solutions. With the relevant software package, you’ll be able to implement Transpromo with overlays. This will enable you to add customized content to your documents.

Neopost’s long and proud history has helped it to build up considerable expertise in document management. This specialist knowledge has been invaluable in our  product development in the field of transactional communications.

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