Track n trace technology can play a crucial role in fulfilling your delivery promises to your customers

The technology known popularly as track n trace has been around for a while, but its use has never been as widespread as it is now. If your business receives or sends deliveries via haulers or other delivery systems, the chances are you will have already benefited from this technology.

Neopost is a provider of track and trace services. We combine delivery services with data management solutions – a perfect match as far as supply chain traceability is concerned.

Track n trace is of great importance to businesses because it helps minimize supply chain disruption, which can be very costly in terms of time, money and public reputation.

Neopost’s parcel delivery services use a variety of data capture/acquisition, data enrichment and data management tools to track and trace deliveries from A to Z.

The sophisticated technology that keeps track n trace in the game: RFID

A number of different technologies are used in supply chain tracking and tracing solutions. One of the most important of these is Radio Frequency Identification, usually better known by the acronym RFID.

RFID is a wireless technology, making it perfect for ‘on the move’ applications. It’s most commonly used for track n tracepurposes in the shape of a tag or even an embedded chip. It differs from barcodes in that the reader does not have to be within the line of sight of the tag in order to be read correctly.

There’s plenty more information about Neopost’s global operations available online. For a more in-depth overview of ourtrack n trace solutions, you may want to get in touch directly with us via email.