Stamping machine models are tailored to all businesses, from SMEs to global giants

Stamping machine models are tailored to all businesses, from SMEs to global giants

Whether you call it a postage meter, a franking machine, a stamping machine or a postage machine, this kind of technology has revolutionized mailroom operations.

Two factors have made investing in a stamping machine more attractive in recent times. One is the huge increase in mail-order deliveries fuelled by online shopping. The other is the increased pressure on marketing budgets, which are expected to do more with less in these difficult economic times.

Buying a franking machine can really help businesses cut costs in the postal department.

Models like the IS-280 postal machine will always frank your letters and parcels at the right rate. This means you’ll never pay more than you have to on stamps again. It’s easy to add credit online – no more worrying about whether you’ve time to get to the Post Office before it closes!

There are postage meters suitable for all kinds of businesses, from desktop systems for home offices through to high-volume equipment that can process thousands of letters a day.

Stamping machine solutions can be better for the environment too!

Using a stamping machine can also be an environmentally-responsible choice for your company. Many postage meters are produced by firms like Neopost, which aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of their products to a minimum.

This has included action to reduce the weight of both end products and packaging, and a reduction in the number of components actually used in the manufacturing process.

Other ways in which our stamping machine models, like the IS-6000, have been made greener include:

  • Inclusion of auto-sleep and auto-off functions
  • Compliance with WEEE, RoHS and REACh
  • Application of eco-design principles