Pouch Laminators, Up To A3 Sheet Size

Our range of high-quality Pouch Laminators are well suited to low-volume and on-demand jobs, offering lamination of up to A2 sheet size. These machines will greatly benefit Print & Copy Shops, Schools and Office Environments.

Neolam 1500
NeoLam 1500

Sleek, Modern, Reliable

The NeoLam 1500 is sleek and modern, designed for reliability and ease of use. This hot & cold laminator is capable of laminating up to A3 sheet size and...
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GBC 3256, Pouch Laminator
Neolam 3256

Fast Warm-Up Time

User-friendly and efficient A3 pouch laminator, Neolam 3256 . This 6-roller machine can operate at a speed of up to 1,460mm/minute, and can...

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GBC 4500 Pouch Laminator
GBC 4500 Pro

Heavy-Duty Metal Construction

Transform simple pieces into special presentations with the GBC 4500 Pro pouch laminators. The GBC 4500 will laminate documents up to A2...

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