High Performance Modular Mailing System

The Neopost IS480e Postage Meter system is ideal for the demanding mailroom and offices producing high mail volumes. This franking machine will improve your mail processing productivity immensely. Giving you much more control and bringing greater efficiency to your mailroom, the IS480e boasts outstanding process management features and it is guaranteed to improve the way your business communicates via mail.


Using a Postage Meter Machine can also be an environmentally-responsible choice for your company. Many postage meters are produced by firms like Neopost, which aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of their products to a minimum.

This has included action to reduce the weight of both end products and packaging, and a reduction in the number of components actually used in the manufacturing process.

Other ways in which our franking machine models have been made greener include:

  • Inclusion of auto-sleep and auto-off functions
  • Compliance with WEEE, RoHS and REACh
  • Application of eco-design principles

Intelligent & Modular High-Performance Mailing System

Now featuring MyNeopost:

  • Full day by day analysis of postal expenditure
  • Full department expenditure, including surcharges
  • Period x Period Reporting
  • Group machines into one collective report 



Up to 150 letters per minute



Length: 890 mm / Height: 432 mm / Depth: 330 mm


With Dynamic Scale

Length: 1321 mm / Height: 432 mm / Depth: 330 mm

  • Minimum size: 89 x 127 mm
  • Maximum size: 254 x 330 mm
  • Max. thickness: 16 mm
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
Advertising slogans



Automatically printed


Dynamic scale: yes
Weighing platforms: 3, 5, 10 or 35 kg
Dierential weighing: yes
Departmental upgrades: up to 300
Bar code scanner: yes
USB mass storage: yes