Simple & Efficient Postage Solutions to Optimize Postage costs

Whether you send mail from your home office or in a busy enterprise mailroom, Neopost has a range of Postage Meters that will greatly reduce overall postal costs, making your mailing convenient, professional and accurate.

What is a Postage Meter?
Postage Meter, also known as Franking Machine, is a programmable digital device used to imprint an Information-Based Indicia (IBI) stamp to show that postage has been paid on your mail. Neopost Postage Meters enable you to calculate the correct rate of postage based on size, weight and type of delivery service.

Capable of high speeds, a Franking Machine is the ideal way to send mail in bulk. You can also add sales and marketing messages to your mail, making it a valuable medium of communication.

Our Mail Metering Machines:
Low Volume:
 IS280e | IS350e
Mid Volume: IS420e | IS440e | IS480e
High Volume: IS6000e

Low Volume Franking Machine solutions

Neopost IS280e, Postage Meter Scale
Postage Meter IS280e

A Powerful Postage Meter For Small Businesses

When your business grows to a certain point, stamps no longer cut it. You want to send professional-looking mail. You want to minimise waste, save time and...

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Label Printing Machine IS350e Neopost
Postage Meter Machine IS350e

Convenient, Smart and Friendly For Growing Businesses

Growing businesses count on innovative productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly. Neopost's IS350e makes it simple to weigh, frank and send...

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Mid Volume Franking Machine solutions

Postage Meter Machine IS420e Neopost
Postage Meter Machine IS420e

Flexible Mail Processing For Any Office Environment

Dynamic business environments count on powerful performers that can get the job done with accuracy and speed. The Neopost IS420e delivers with fast,...

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Postage Meter machine IS440e Neopost
Postage Meter machine IS440e

A Versatile Mailing System For Any Office Environment

When it comes to getting the job done, thriving businesses count on reliable processes that streamline performance and add value to the company. The Neopost...

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Stamp Maker Machine IS480e Neopost Intelligent System
Postage Meter Machine IS480e

High Performance Modular Mailing System

The Neopost IS480e Postage Meter system is ideal for the demanding mailroom and offices producing high mail volumes. This franking machine...

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High Volume Franking Machine solutions

Postage Meter IS6000e Neopost
Postage Meter IS6000e

The Best Choice in High-Volume, Production Mailing

The IS6000e has set a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability and efficiency. Neopost observed high-volume mailing machine operators and...
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