Output management solutions: for a more versatile approach to communicating with your customers

If you’ve always wanted to add a more personal touch to how you communicate with your customers, output management solutions may be the answer. These can take different shapes and forms, but they all focus on the same objectives:

  • Enhancing customer communications
  • Facilitating personalization of your communications
  • Offering multichannel flexibility
  • Boosting security
  • Increasing levels of customer satisfaction

Different packages have slightly different emphases. For example, the OMS-200 output management software package is designed to boost the volume of mail and electronic communications your company can process. Its automated approach speeds up tasks like envelope sorting, folding and inserting, ensuring that the right piece of mail gets to the correct recipient.

Output management solutions such as the OMS-200 are designed to work in tandem with other solutions by Neopost. As well as speeding up your communication processes, its intelligent barcode technology also delivers real security and peace of mind.


Output management solutions: making your clients’ lives easier through multichannel communication

One of the other main benefits offered by output management solutions lies in their multichannel capabilities. Our global customer communications management package has an ambitious name for an ambitious goal. It’s designed to provide large businesses with the ability to generate customized communications delivered through a variety of channels. In other words, you can get in touch with your clients in the way that best suits them. This could be via surface mail, fax, SMS, email or even facebook… 

Other output management solutions by Neopost include the OMS-500 with centralized document control. Other multichannel solutions are available, like the DPM-100, which can send electronic documents in secure PDF form across a range of channels.