Ranson UK delivers bakery products such as flour, chocolate, syrup and wrappable icing to bakeries and patisseries all over the UK, but mainly to customers in and around London. The business has been built on a “one stop shop” philosophy, meaning that customers do not have to deal with lots of different suppliers for just a few items.

Regular Customer Communications

Ranson has a close relationship with its customers and regularly sends them business-critical documents. Around 100 customer mail pieces are sent out every day including credit notes, invoices, promotional leaflets and catalogues. Approximately 70% of these transactional documents is sent to customers by physical mail and 30% by email. The company is planning to inverse this ratio in the future. Ranson’s busy periods are at the beginning of the month when a statement is sent to each customer. Currently around 500 statements are sent out each month.

Labor-Intensive Mail Delivery

Before investing in Quadient's output management solution, Ranson’s biggest challenge was sorting mail. The mailroom operator had to manually sort for example invoices into two different categories: one for delivery by physical mail and the other for digital invoicing. There was no system in place to deal with this process, meaning a lot of time was required for manual mail sorting.

Physical Mail or Email?

As Ranson was already using Quadient products (a DS-35 folder inserter and an IS-350 postage machine) they decided to talk to us about how to find a solution to help them handle outgoing customer communications in a more efficient way. Step one involved sending out a survey to customers asking them if they would like to receive their documents by physical mail or by email. Ranson then fed the results from the survey into Quadient's solution which is simple and easy to use. As everything is automated the system knows which documents need to be posted and which communications need to be sent by email.


Customer-Focused Cost Cutting

This more effective way of dealing with outgoing mail has enabled Ranson to personalize its business communications by sending the right message to the right person. It has also enabled the company to increase efficiency by cutting back on manual processes. Any organization that has to handle a lot of mail should opt for a multichannel communications platform if they want to save time and money. And as Marcin explains “sending invoices by email rather than by post ensures they are delivered to the right person through their preferred media and this also means we get paid in time.”


“Although this customer communications solution was installed a month ago we have already reduced our postage and paper costs by around 20%” confirms Marcin Rutkowski, Office and Administration Manager for Ranson UK.

About Ranson UK

  • 20 employees
  • Turnover – £800,0000
  • A sister company to Ranson NV, in Belgium, who supplies over 4,000 customers across Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • 8 temperature controlled vehicles
  • Delivers into London five days a week and distributes with external transport across the UK



Find out more about Ranson at www.ranson-uk.com