Mailing System IS-6000

Early product adoption strengthens partnership with Quadient

Testing the IS-6000 in a high volume production environment

When asked to provide feedback on a new high-volume mailing solution, Jim Clark, President of JLS Mailing Services, founded in 1920, jumped at the chance. Clark hoped that Quadient's new IS-6000 high-volume mailing system would improve his firm’s mail processing throughput and save money. JLS Mailing Services, located in Brockton, Mass., provides a comprehensive suite of services ranging from postal automation (presort), data processing, database management, lettershop and inventory management to companies in the greater Boston area.

It was particularly good timing for Clark who had been looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce costs as the economy had just started to dip.


Simple, ergonomic operation and ease of use

For Quadient, JLS Mailing Services was a perfect fit for providing feedback on the IS-6000. Quadient had been looking for a high volume production environment that would really put the IS-6000 to the test. Designed with unique ergonomic features, the IS-6000 was built to drive maximum throughput while creating the most comfortable work environment for operators running the system. At first glance, it is clear the IS-6000 was built with the user in mind. All controls are within an arm’s reach, making operation simple. Other ergonomic advances include fast and easy navigation through large descriptive buttons and prompts. In fact, all of the screens display cool shades of blue that minimize operator eyestrain and fatigue. A large feeding deck and conveyor stacker results in fewer starts and stops, increasing productivity. The height-adjustable 15” touch screen moves backward and forward, as well as swivels left and right, and moves up and down, to make a comfortable working environment for the operator. As a result, all of the IS-6000’s combined ergonomic features help mail operators deliver maximum throughput.
Additionally, Quadient wanted to validate, test and analyze the IS-6000’s user-friendliness. For example, the company wanted feedback on how long it took mail operators to learn the system, how descriptive the buttons and prompts on the screen were, how easy it was to navigate from screen to screen, and how the IS-6000’s feeding, stacking, throughput and other capabilities met the demands of a high-volume production environment.
“The timing was right to work with JLS,” said Ralph Mezzoni, Quadient's IS-6000 product manager. “We wanted to really put the IS-6000 to the test and JLS’ production environment was a perfect fit. During our initial meetings, we also identified additional ways to help them streamline their postage reconciliation processes with the Quadient MAS App. In the end, we provided a total solution to JLS.”


IS-6000 sets new standard in reliability and maximum update

The IS-6000 sets a new standard for mailing systems productivity, operability and efficiency. Quadient observed high volume mailing machine operators, such as JLS, and listened to production mail center customers to design this next generation mailing system. Coupled with the new internet-connected Quadient iMeter™ postage meter and powerful Apps to improvement management, the IS-6000 is the ultimate choice in high-volume mailing systems.


Effortless mailing system management

In allowing Quadient to place their new IS-6000 mailing system at JLS, Clark felt he was giving his mail center operators a way to simplify their jobs, increase throughput and, ultimately, improve customer service. He also liked the fact that it supported his vision to continuously leverage technology as an organizational performance driver.
Says Clark, “We were excited to work with Quadient since they and JLS share a common goal to help customers succeed. I really got a sense that Quadient wanted to help us, not just find a test site for the IS-6000. I never really got that feeling from my previous mailing equipment supplier. From the beginning, I could tell that Quadient would not try to force-feed us products that we did not want or need. I liked that a lot.”
In addition to testing the IS-6000 mailing system, JLS also began implementation of the Quadient MAS App for improved postage expense accuracy, reporting and reconciliation. JLS found that MAS was able to deliver the reports that JLS needed to easily track, analyze, allocate, forecast and consolidate its mail processing activity.
Commenting on the IS-6000’s ease of use, JLS’s Bob Dmytryck, Director of Operations, said, “The IS-6000 is a sweet unit – especially the touch screen set-up – it’s very user friendly. The screen’s large descriptive buttons and prompts make navigation a breeze, helping speed up operator training time. All of the prompts intuitively walk people through how to use the system, which significantly reduces training time. And, since one person can easily run the machine from one spot, we have cut down on labor costs.”
Added JLS mail center operator Ron Por, “I like the extra large screen. It makes all of the prompts much easier to access. I quickly noticed the IS-6000 is great at pulling through thicker mail pieces. The output beats anything I have seen. It is certainly much better than the competitor’s unit. And the feeding and stacking capabilities really make my job easier too.”


A rugged workhorse

Clark believes the IS-6000’s advanced modular design, available in multiple configurations, simple to use touch screen and attention to ergonomics, result in the system’s amazing performance. “Operators constantly comment on the sheer speed of the system,” declared Clark.
Another feature that Clark likes about the IS-6000 is its durability. “This thing is really a workhorse,” he stated. “We put it to work every day and it performs flawlessly. You can tell that it is rugged; It’s built like a tank. In addition to the systems’ ruggedness, we like its streamlined design and advanced features like Quadient's new internet-connected iMeter™ postage meter that incorporate powerful apps – like the MAS App.”
After a thorough test period, Clark liked the IS-6000 so much that the company decided to purchase two units. Analysis of the product’s throughput, ergonomics and costs savings demonstrated a quick ROI and other benefits.
“The IS-6000’s capabilities, combined with the fact that it requires one fewer operator, has helped us save tens of thousands of dollars annually, so I am very happy with our decision to partner with Quadient. For us, the IS-6000 has delivered reliable production and maximum uptime,” continued Clark.
“We’ve been using our two IS-6000 systems for more than a year now and I can say that it is the best system I have seen in the marketplace,” added Clark. “This new system, combined with Quadient's service commitment, has worked out great for JLS and our customers. In fact, Quadient's service level, even after the evaluation period, has been much better than the service we ever received from our previous supplier. Our decision to partner with Quadient has worked out very well and has helped us fulfill our promises to customers better than ever.”

About JLS Mailing Sservices

With more than eight decades of experience in the mailing services business, JLS provides a comprehensive suite of services ranging from postal automation (presort), data processing, database management, lettershop and inventory management. A total commitment to quality, flexibility of services, and continual investment in the latest technologies has enabled JLS to attract a talented staff and retain an impressive list of clients from a broad spectrum of industries.