Lasaulec, a technical wholesaler, sells maintenance, repair and operating supplies such as bolts, welding equipment and safety clothes to customers across The Netherlands. A few years ago the company decided to centralize all its logistics activities out of one single automated warehouse. Although this both quickened and simplified processes, a new bottleneck emerged when it came to packaging.

Too Many Items and Boxes with Backfill

The company had to handle an assortment of 300,000 different items, in a variety of different sizes. Therefore filling a standard box with backfill material was no longer an option. Lasaulec looked around for a solution for quite some time. And after reading an article about our CVP-500, a machine that makes fit-to-size boxes, the Managing Director got in touch with Quadient.


A Profitable Partnership for Packaging Logistics

A thorough analysis of Lasaulec’s logistics and IT processes ensured the CVP-500 could be integrated into the company’s environment. Once the proposal was signed, the implementation and integration progressed smoothly. The machine was installed over a 3-day period and Lasaulec started using it right away for day-to-day operations. The Lasaulec-Quadient partnership is beneficial to both parties. As an early adopter, Lasaulec has agreed to test the machine and benefit instantly from the performance improvement. At the same time Lasaulec keeps Quadient regularly informed of how to improve it. Thanks to Lasaulec, Quadient will be able to improve the CVP-500 and ensure the technology matures in the right direction.


How the Parcel Creator Works

The CVP-500 is simple and easy to use. First you scan your order and place it on the conveyor belt. The product passes through a 3-D scanner that measures its length, width and height. The product is placed on the center of the conveyor belt to be positioned for the cardboard. Next the box is made to fit the size of the particular order. You’ll see how the cardboard is folded around the product. The product is taped, weighed and the customer’s address label is printed onto the box. And that’s it. The parcel is now ready for shipping to the customer.


Business Benefits of Fit-to-Size Boxes

Thanks to the CVP-500's packaging speed Lasaulec can now process more orders until late on into the night. This means the company can offer more complete and faster delivery to its customers. The CVP-500 has also reduced the number of packaging errors and as Mr. Anne Lourens, Managing Director for Lasaulec, explains “We've been using the CVP-500 for three months now and it has delivered even greater savings than we expected.” In concrete terms the company has saved 6 FTEs (full-time equivalents) over this short period. And it expects to save €150,000 - €250,000 per year on backfill material. “So the CVP-500 has become one of the most important machines in our process. If I had to make this choice again and pick a machine to work with, I'd choose the CVP-500 without a moment's thought.” confirms Anne.


About Lasaulec Technical Wholesale

  • A technical wholesaler that offers maintenance, repair and operating supplies
  • Approximately 300 employees
  • Head office and central warehouse located in Heerenveen, The Netherlands
  • 12 branches throughout The Netherlands
  • Customers in the construction, manufacturing and energy sectors