Personalising communications to build customer loyalty

Personalising communications to build customer loyalty


Customers want to feel valued, personalised communications through OMS is key to achieving this.

Reasons to choose output management software

As markets continue to become ever-more competitive, businesses are having to deliver truly engaging communication strategies to keep customers from switching to their competitors. Customers want to feel valued and personalised communications is key to achieving this. OMS enables businesses to do this in a variety of ways, from changing greetings on letters, to varying the offers, promotions and marketing material sent to each customer.

Another key function of almost all OMS solutions is the generation of barcodes and/or optical marks containing processing instructions for folder-inserters. These are read by the folder-inserter, which modifies envelope insertions accordingly. In a recent survey by Ricoh Europe, almost two thirds of consumers said brands could do more to tailor their communications to their needs – and 80 percent said they would be willing to share data to enable this.

Furthermore, automating insertions eliminates human error and ensures that each person receives the documents they are meant to. This is particularly beneficial for organisations that handle sensitive customer data, such as those in healthcare, social services, education and financial services. In fact, figures from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) show that sending sensitive data to the wrong recipient is one of the three most common causes of data security breaches.