Neopost Boosts Mailing Power

Neopost Boosts Mailing Power


Australian print companies have discovered how Neopost solutions can increase productivity.

Originally organised as a ma and pa scenario, Kwik Kopy Print and Design in Bondi Junction has become one of the nation's top Kwik Kopy franchises, offering a range of solutions from business cards, stationary, banners, mailing to creative design.

Emmanuel Constantinou, Managing Director, says that six years ago, the company installed a DS folder inserter (fulfilment machine) from Neopost Australia. He says, "The technology is quite streamlined. We fulfil hundreds of mailers and the Neopost folder inserter's versatility means that we can complete a variety of work, for example, window face or non-window face envelopes. The machine's various capabilities allow us to offer a wider range of fulfilment and print services to our customers, thus allowing us to increase the range of service we offer, ultimately resulting in more work coming through the store"

More recently, the company bought the Neopost AS710 Address printing machine that can overprint onto 14,000 envelopes in an hour. He says, "The address printer offers variable data printing, which allows us to personalise the mail. That makes it a valuable asset because it helps ensure our customers get the best price/postal discounts from Australia Post. Data hygiene and clean mail ensure my customers access a range of postal discounts, as a result of clean mail addressing using the Neopost Address Printer"

"Many of my customers invest in personalised direct mail because nowadays, unaddressed mail is often perceived as junk mail. People are more likely to open a letter that they perceive is more personalised. That is why we see the demand for variable data printing increasing"

"Investing in the Neopost technology has definitely lifted our profile in the market place. We can take care of a lot of corporate clients who need to know that we can do the work professionally and with a guarantee. We can now service more of the market. Before investing in the AS710 address printer, we used to outsource. Keeping this business in house means we can control the quality and increase our margin. And now that we have automated fulfilment, we have increased the efficiencies of our workforce"

He enjoys a solid relationship with Neopost. He says, "Neopost regularly advises us on the new solutions available in print and mailing when we are assessing potential new jobs and applications that could be attractive to chase. We can see the value of staying in touch with Neopost as we constantly review what we offer the market in line with the solutions available. We make the most of every opportunity with these devices and that makes us stand out from the competition"

"Of course before purchasing from Neopost, we looked at other equipment but the Neopost offer far stacked up to be the best option for our business" 

Sourced: Australian Printer Magazine, May 2016