Maintaining a consistent corporate identity

Maintaining a consistent corporate identity


Here is another reason why you should choose Output Management System integration within a corporation.

Reasons to choose output management software

OMS’ integrated document design feature enables businesses to centralise the creation of customer communications, standardising document layout which ensures a consistent professional corporate image. This is achieved through templates that can be created for invoices, sales orders, statements, forms and all other vital business documents; and everything from typefaces, fonts and graphics to output choices, such as single- or double-sided printing can be chosen. If businesses require consistency across a wider range of channels, GMC’s Inspire multi-channel solution provides a single design platform for print, email, mobile and web.

So there you have it, there’s the ten reasons why OMS is the answer to your customer communication issues. Our range of solutions means we can provide for all companies, no matter their needs. Our OMS-200 adds intelligence to folder-inserters; OMS-500 enables document personalisation and multi-channel distribution; Print Machine automates document design and mail processing; and GMC Inspire delivers omni-channel document design, proofing and distribution of personalised communications. Starting from different points and with different priorities, all four solutions can help businesses save money and improve communications effectiveness, while satisfying growing demand for relevant, tailored, timely communications.