Expanding into Mail

Expanding into Mail


Find out how direct mail can effectively increase the spread of client offerings to your business?

It is no surprise that printers are looking to expand to be able to offer direct mail. It may start with producing the leaflets and catalogues that become stuffed into envelopes. It is a logical step to add a laser printed letter, then to fold it and place inside an envelope. The new generation of direct mail pieces require creativity in folding and gluing and greater levels of personalisation. And then comes the investment time in a mailing line.

Karen Kavanagh, Marketing Director at Neopost, is confident that while mail volumes are sliding, direct mail offers a lucrative avenue for creative printers to spread their client offerings. "Direct mail is actually undergoing a resurgence", she says. "Email is becoming like wallpaper, especially for the youth market, and this is starting to affect indirect mail as a leading channel to sales. Overall, mail may be narrowing but there is definitely a resurrection in direct mail, and that is where the printer needs to invest. The printer who can offer clever print and fulfilment is the printer who can capture that market growth in direct mail. The 18 to 25 year-old market has been exposed to the online channel since birth but direct marketing done cleverly with the right message to the right person at the right place at the right time can receive more of an impact.

"Printers should also be able to respond to quick requests and have the resources in place to make the job a success".

For many years mailing has been the preserve of specialist mailing houses, but the drive towards shorter runs and especially faster turnarounds has provided an opporunity for printers to bring these services in house. 

Sourced: Australian Printer Magazine, May 2016