Dashing Print x Neopost

Dashing Print x Neopost


Neopost providing Dashing Print with a production end fulfilment machine through the DS200.

Dashing Print, in business for 30 years, specialises in complete solutions for the retail and franchise sectors.

Paul Wilcockson, Chief Operating Officer at Dashing Print, says the company has invested in a production end fulfilment machine, the DS200 from Neopost, to allow them to offer the market fulfilment as another service.

He says, "Mailing was always part of our offer, but it is the variable data capability and the ability to manage specialised pieces that differentiates us from others in the market"

"We've always had Neopost equipment and our Neopost account managers have helped guide us over the years across our investment in new equipment to power our business"

He believes Dashing Print can take advantage of the real opportunity that mailing presents.

He says, "Mailing continues to play a strong role in the communications mix. While overall mail volumes have decreased, speciality mail with personalisation that can be cross - marketed with online and other media is very prevalent. So while people may not be sending as many pieces, they are certainly spending more per piece on engaging and impactful printed mail"

Dashing's print strategy involves augmenting its digital expertise with added value service to improve the customer experience.

Wilcockson concludes, "While mail has had its ups and downs, it's always steady over the year and its a valuable add - one to offer our clients."

Sourced: Australian Printer Magazine, May 2016