Be Data Smart with Multi-Channel Communications

Be Data Smart with Multi-Channel Communications


Multi-channel communications gives customers choice over how they interact with your business.

Information about customers, and the insight you gain from it through good data management, needs to feed the multiple communications channels you use to inform all customer interactions.

Unfortunately data can go bad and this can have a big impact on the success – or otherwise – of your communications. Data can be captured incorrectly, stored with errors and go out of date. It’s such a big problem in fact, that 94% of businesses that depend on databases believe some aspect of the data they hold is flawed.

Which costs their business dearly. As much as 12% of income is lost because of bad contact data, which results in wasted marketing spend and resources, as well as lost productivity.

Also accurate customer data is critical to the successful implementation of a Multi-Channel Communication programme. It is also a must have for all businesses. The Experian Global Data Report 2014 found that the average organisation loses 12% of its income because of bad contact data, through wasted marketing spend and resources as well as lost productivity.

How you collect, store and maintain data is therefore critical to successful multi-channel communications and the success of your business overall. When it comes to data collection and maintenance, keep these four rules in mind:

4 data collection rules4 data maintenance rules 
  • 1. Assess the data to collect based on the business goals
  • 2. Identify data sources from within the business
  • 3. Audit data and identify where errors occur
  • 4. Capture data accurately
  • 1. Instigate a data maintenance regime
  • 2. Assess what you can do in-house
  • 3. Strive to ensure each record is complete
  • 4. Be prepared to amend how data is collected as business needs change

Source: Experian (2013)