Neotouch - Document Delivery

Neotouch by Quadient is a powerful web-based solution that handles the preparation and delivery of your business communications via a user friendly online interface.  Neotouch by Quadient gives you the power to print, sort, fulfil meter your envelopes with postage and deliver them to the post office – all in the same day.

Are customers starting to request soft copies of transactional mail such as invoices and statements? Neopost by Neotouch provides the ability to send your documents via alternate delivery channels such as email, fax or SMS. With NeoTouch, you can send a single document or a batch job of thousands. You can also personalise your documents by adding promotional inserts and varying page lengths.


Increase Productivity
Leave the mail prep nightmare behind. It’s a hassle to print addresses and find stamps or meter your mail, let alone sorting and stuffing large mail jobs. With Neotouch, mail prep is done in no time, which allows you to focus on the tasks necessary to grow your business.

Plus, Neotouch allows you to save on postage costs by grouping your mail for the same recipient into a single envelope. 

Flexibility and Personalisation
With Neotouch, you can send a single document or a batch job of thousands. You can also personalise your documents by adding promotional inserts and varying page lengths.

Speed Up Invoicing Time

Do your invoices stack up, waiting to be sent out in a large batch at the end of the month? With Neotouch, you can send invoices as they are created so they reach your customers faster, meaning you’ll receive payment sooner.

Mail from Desktop Applications

Mail your documents from your business or office applications using a simple Internet connection. Instead of printing your documents on your office printer, you virtually print it with the Neotouch print driver, which is sent to our state-of-the-art mail preparation facility for mailing.

Ensured Traceability

Each printed document processed by Neotouch is tracked with a unique identifier, which allows for real-time delivery status of each individual piece of mail.

A dedicated solution to optimise processing invoices

Flawless Security

Neotouch and its state-of-the-art production facilities provide the highest level of security and service:

• Data transfer by secure protocol (SSL) identical to those used for banking transactions
• 24/7 surveillance ensures operational continuity
• Electrical infrastructure with back-up generators
• Fire prevention measures

SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 Certified

Neotouch processes and procedures have been formally reviewed and certified to ensure controls and safeguards when hosting and processing customer data.

HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley

Due to the level of privacy and security Neotouch provides for document delivery, we can assist companies in complying with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Integration into accounting software or ERP

• Data export to accounting software or ERP
• Good to pay status update, to initiate invoice payment

One Platform for all Your Communication Needs

Neotouch is a powerful solution that not only facilitates the preparation and delivery of your business-critical documents through traditional postal mail, but also allows you to send your documents via email, fax or text.

Archive Your Documents Sent via Neotouch

Neotouch offers the ability to archive all your documents in a secure and dedicated infrastructure, which are easily retrievable via the user-friendly online interface.