The MACH 6 Envelope Address Printer

The all-new design with a 7" color touch screen interface is capable of running jobs that were previously not possible.
With an electronic thickness control feature and a wider feed path, the MACH 6 can handle media applications up to 10 mm thick and 432mm x 266mm

Process colour address printer

Highly Productive and Profitable 

The MACH 6 helps commercial printers expand their offerings for affordable short run color printing jobs while increasing their profitability and productivity. Compared to toner-based printers (e.g., LED and laser printers) that are limited to half the speed at a lower dpi, the MACH 6 has a single 8.77" print head that spans the width of the printing surface. The innovative design can print full bleed (off the edge of the media) for exceptional creative freedom and capabilities no toner-based system can match. It continues to deliver a low total cost per piece at pennies per print, as well as best-in-class total cost of ownership. 

Other Short Run Digital Printers Don't Stack Up Against the MACH 6 

The MACH 6 has two print modes. Normal mode runs at 60 feet per minute and 1600 x 800 dots per inch (dpi) for faster production and less ink utilization. Best mode allows for 30 feet per minute and 1600 x 1600 dpi for higher output quality and deeper colors. The MACH 6 can print on 10" x 13" flats, mailers up to 10.5" wide x 17" long, stuffed envelopes, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, folding cartons and much more. The combination of speed, value and capability is found nowhere else in this class. The MACH 6 stands alone. 



Up to 3,600 pages per hour
Up to 7,000 DL envelopes per hour


Print resolution: Up to 1,600 dpi
Print area: Up to 222mm x 1016mm w ith full bleed capability under 218mm

Document Size

Min. document size: 102 x 76 mm

Max. document size: 432 x 266 mm

Max. thickness: 10 mm

Ink capacity

250 ml - Cyan, Yellow, Magenta;
500 ml - Black

Machine Dimensions

Length: 840mm x 510mm x 510mm

Weight: 54.4Kg