Quadient IM-30

The Quadient IM-30 letter opener can make a big difference in terms of mailroom efficiency and economy, freeing office personnel for other duties. A swift, convenient, and secure solution to process incoming mail. The IM-30 opens 1, 2, or 3 sides of the envelope without presorting, adjustments or waste. The contents are protected and document integrity is maintained.

Quadient IM-30 - Your Desktop Mail Extractor



Up to 2,400 envelopes per hour

Envelope Size

Height: 85 x 175 mm

Width: 140 x 260 mm

Max. Thickness: 4 mm

Weight: 50 - 200 gsm

Machine Dimensions

Length: 996mm / Width: 564mm / Height: 324mm

Weight: 66kg