Process & distribute incoming mail faster. Desktop to high-speed production units.

Combining the latest in mail opening technology with refined ergonomics, OPEX Corporation sets a new standard for high volume mail processing. For more than thirty years, OMATION products have been a staple in mailrooms across the globe.

Quadient Letter Openers:

IM-16 | IM-30 | Omation 2112 | Omation 306 | Opex Model 72


Low-Mid Volume Letter Openers

Quadient IM-16, Letter Opener
Office Friendly Envelope Opener

Quadient IM-16

Easy to use and ultra reliable, it can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting. Whether processing checks, orders, remittance pieces or any incoming mail, the...

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Quadient IM-30, Letter Opener
Efficient, Modern Mail Opener

Quadient IM-30

The Quadient IM-30 letter opener can make a big difference in terms of mailroom efficiency and economy, freeing office personnel for other...

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Opex Omation 2112, Letter Opener
Quick Extraction And Processing

Opex Omation 2112

The Omation 2112 Envelopener offers proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening jobs. This compact unit provides mailroom...

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High Volume Letter Openers

Opex Omation 306, Letter Opener
High-Volume, High-Speed Envelope Opening & Sorting

Opex Omation 306

The improved milling cutter with 8 cut-depth positions removes chips as small as 0.01” from the envelope edge, producing a soft...

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Opex Model 72, Letter Opener
Highly Efficient, Rapid Extraction Desk System

Opex Model 72

The Opex Model 72 Rapid Extraction Desk (RED) features an all-new feeder, milling cutter, and auto-jog transport – it’s the...

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