Konftel 55Wx Series

The Konftel 55Wx series is specially designed to be the hub of your communications. Connect your computer, mobile phone/tablet and desk phone for unimpeded meetings with superior sound quality. Moreover, VoIP calls can be bridged with calls via a desktop or mobile phone. Switch connections easily using the smart touchscreen that only displays the current connections.

upgrade your classrooms, meeting rooms, libraries

The Konftel 55Wx series has a recording feature. Record calls or dictations on a memory card and play, save or share them. The unit are easy to take with you and look just as good on a desk as in the conference room. Konftel 55Wx has Bluetooth® with support for wireless HD sound, a battery, and is prepared for extra microphones for large meetings.


Suggested meeting size

Konftel 55Wx: <20 people


Konftel 55Wx: USB, Desk phone (accessory required), Mobile Phone (accessory required), Bluetooth

Unique features

Konftel 55Wx: NFC, HD quality wireless transmission, Battery-Powered


Konftel 55Wx: Extra microphones, Adapter for desk phone, Mobile cable