Kodak High Quality Document Scanning Solutions

Loaded with impressive image functionality for onboarding batches of information, and Intelligent Document Protection to defend against damaged documents and lost data, the most accurate and reliable information capture on the market, contact us today for your business solution.

Document Capture

i2900 Scanner
Kodak i2900 Scanners

Achieve peak productivity with the Kodak i2900

The Kodak i2900 Scanner is a robust desktop scanner delivering consistently high throughput and minimising downtime.

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i3000 Scanner
Kodak i3000 Scanners

A new standard in efficiency and consistency

The Kodak i3000 Series Scanners are purpose-built to deliver consistent throughput and minimise downtime for your office.

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i4000 Scanner
Kodak i4000 Scanners

Built to stay busy

Your busy mailroom, production department or service bureau needs the most productive, accurate, and reliable information capture on the market.

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i5000 Scanner
Kodak i5000 Scanners

Serious scanning power for real-world volumes

At the end of the day, success depends on how much you’ve accomplished since the start of your day.

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S2000 Scanner
Kodak S2000 Scanners

Information capture at the point of entry

Robust desktop information captured and delivered directly to your business processes.

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710 Scan Station
Kodak Scan Station 710

Robust functionality meets exceptional ease-of-use

The Kodak Scan Station 710 Scanner helps you tackle your workload in more ways than you'd ever expect.

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