International shipping rates – Neopost’s technology enables you to keep track of and cut back on your shipping and postage budget

International shipping rates are a major cost item for many businesses. Companies with substantial numbers of suppliers, customers, prospects or other business partners based abroad may find it hard to keep within budget. The solution could lie in Neopost’s range of tools and software aimed at boosting the productivity of your mailroom operations.

With such a huge range of companies now providing shipping services, it’s no surprise that it feel like choosing the best deal is an impossibility. For businesses operating in France, Neopost has now solved this problem, thanks to the online parcel and letter delivery price comparison tool.

With the right postage meter, high international shipping rates need no longer be a headache

As increases in international shipping rates begin to bite into profit margins, perhaps it’s time to look at postage meters as a way of hitting back…

There are meter models suitable for all sizes of business. For SMEs, a solution like the IS-350 business postage machine is perfect. Versatile, compact and easy to use, this model saves you from having to queue up at the Post Office ever again! It will weigh your letters and parcels, calculate the domestic or international shipping rate to be paid and track their progress. You’ll be able to keep up to date with changes in postage rates through its high-speed internet connection, so you won’t be caught out by sudden price increases.

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