2Touch Panel

The 2Touch integrated LCD touch panel provides users with the touch precision of an interactive whiteboard combined with the definition of a full HD LCD screen.

The 2Touch LCD uses a commercial grade panel integrated with our own 2 Touch optical touch solution.  This enables a superior touch capability and greatly enhanced usability compared to other solutions currently in the market.  In addition, the 2Touch optical solution requires no special pens to run, leaving the solution open to touch control. 




With its anti-glare wide screen the full HD 2Touch LCD panel provides a crystal clear display for any environment.  With the option of connecting via either an HDMI or VGA cord your computer connects easily and instantly. 

Also, by using a rear projector surface (unlike interactive whiteboards) you eliminate common symptoms associated with front projection touch screens, such as user shadowing, continual mount movement and realignment issues.




The 2Touch LCD panel combines the precision of an iPhone with the large screen capacity of an interactive whiteboard. Whether its pinch zooming an object, writing in digital ink or flicking images across the screen, the LCD panel has the touch accuracy to perform them all.  

Simply connect your computer via USB cord and instantly you have touch screen control over your entire computer.  Any program can be used, as well as connections to networks and the web to ensuring all information is fully accessible.

2Touch integrated LCD