Intelligent barcode and ocr technology: Neopost’s range of solutions will allow your firm to rise to the challenge.

The basic concept behind intelligent barcode and ocr technology has been around for years. However, it is only recently that their use has become so widespread. This poses challenges for companies that deal with large quantities of data on a day-to-day basis.

Ocr (optical character recognition) is a tool that works at the interface of technology and human actions (e.g. handwritten content). This means that quality control is a constant preoccupation. Neopost has developed a range of tools with just this in mind.

The DS-1000/1200 line of production folder inserters is one solution to have incorporated intelligent barcode and ocrreading capabilities as standard. As an additional back-up, a log is generated for every single document to monitor its progress. The system is also linked to document management software.

In addition to barcode reading, barcode printing is another field in which many businesses feel the need to develop a capability. Neopost’s IS-6000 postage meter is one solution that boasts this important functionality.

Intelligent barcode and ocr: key players on the logistics stage

Neopost is also a major player in logistics and parcel delivery services, specifically in the field of traceability and tracking. Our data capture and tracing solutions can handle voice response, RFID technology, EDI and barcodes.

Intelligent barcode and ocr solutions really have the capacity to give you that extra edge over your competitors. For more cutting-edge technology from Neopost that could help your company stand out from the crowd and win new customers, just go to our different products pages.

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