DS-200i Folder Inserter Machine

Designed to run a variety of jobs which can be changed with ease, the DS-200i fits perfectly into the production environment. The DS-200i is a powerful solution that has an advanced modular design that is designed to grow with your needs. The DS-200i letter inserting machine provides high speed performance. It can process up to 5,000 envelopes per hour. Plus, the high loading capacity of the DS-200i folding machine is a perfect match for its high speed.

Every part on the Letter Folder DS-200i is designed to perform for you. From the high capacity feeders and feeder swap capabilities, to the automatic sheet diverter and the high capacity output conveyor, the Envelope Inserter DS-200i delivers the high speed and perfect practicality you need to handle any mailing requirement.

The system is designed to reduce downtime, enabling you to work on other tasks, maximising your productivity.

AIMS is seamlessly integrated to the data logging and statistical functions of Quadient's inserters using our Integrated Mail Operating System (IMOS). The high integrity features of IMOS record the progress of every mailpiece it processes, create statistical data on every job run and transfer that data to AIMS. By combining this level of integrity and detail with a SQL database server and browser-based application, we have created a modern, intuitive way to manage both your mail center and every individual mailpiece with total confidence.

Highly productive Folding & Inserting machine

This folder inserter is fast and reliable, enabling us to increase productivity.

Antti Huhtala, CEO of the Santa Claus Greeting Center, Finland




Up to 5,000 envelopes per hour


Folding Capacity: Up to 8 sheets (80 gsm)

Fold types: letter, zigzag, single, double parallel, no fold

Document & Envelope

Document feeder capacity: Up to 1000

Envelope feeder capacity: Up to 800

Envelope conveyer: Optional

Machine Dimensions

Length: 2720mm / Depth: 635 mm

Weight: 337kg