Highly Efficient & Automatic Mail Processing

Automate the tedious task of manually folding and inserting your mail. Neopost Folder & Inserters enable you to focus on more productive duties by completing your mail prepartion in minutes rather than hours.Our letter folding machines are great for all types mailing purposes, giving a more proffesional look and finish to your invoices, direct mail marketing campaigns, statements and any other mailed documents.

Neopost Folder Inserters processes mail up to 40 times faster than by hand. Whatever your mail volumes, Neopost has a folder and envelope inserting machine for every size of business, from small desktop models to large floor-standing machines. 


Low volume: DS-35 | DS-64i
Mid volume: DS-75i | DS-85i | DS-95i
High volume: DS-180i | DS-200i | DS-600i | DS-1200 G4i
Paper Folders 

Low Volume Folding Machine and Inserter

Paper Folding & Letter Stuffing Machine DS-35 Neopost
The Easy-To-Use Desktop Folding and Inserting Machine

DS-35 Folder Inserter Machine

Now you don't need to spend hours folding & inserting your monthly invoices, account statements or other mail runs. Thanks to the compact, affordable...

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Automate your document processing with an intuitive, flexible folder-inserter

DS-64i Folder Inserter

At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour, the DS-64i folding inserting system has the technology needed to efficiently prepare your business mailings. It...
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Mid Volume Folding Machine and Inserter

Envelope Stuffer DS-75i Neopost
The Advance Combination Of Productivity And Versatility

DS-75i Folder Inserter Machine

Are you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? With its compact footprint, large loading and unloading capabilities and many...

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Folder Inserter DS-85i Neopost
Flexible, Intuitive and Intelligent

DS-85i Folder Inserter Machine

The DS-85i folding inserting system has the technology needed to handle a wide variety of business mailings at speeds up to 4,000 finished envelopes per...

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Mail Inserting Machine DS-95i Neopost
Flexible, Intuitive & Intelligent

DS-95i Folder Inserter Machine

At speeds of up to 4,300 envelopes per hour, the DS-95i folding inserting system has the technology needed to handle your business mailings. It processes...

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High Volume Folding Machine and Inserter

Neopost DS-180i Folder Inserter
The new standard in productivity

DS-180i Folder Inserter Machine

Quickly assemble your invoices and include personalised inserts using the double insert feeder. High-capacity document and envelope feeders combine with...

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Letter Folder & Envelope Inserter DS-200i Neopost
Powerful, Intuitive & Highly Productive System

DS-200i Folder Inserter Machine

Designed to run a variety of jobs which can be changed with ease, the DS-200i fits perfectly into the production environment. The DS-200i is a powerful...

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Letter Folder & Envelope Inserter DS-600i Neopost
Powerful, Flexible, Fast, Sophisticated Mailing Solution

DS-600i Folder Inserter Machine

Eliminate the need for window envelopes and ensure the privacy of important customer or patient information. Inline envelope printing enhances customer...

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Folding Machines & Insert Machine DS-1200 G4i Neopost
Highest Practical Speed & Efficiency

DS-1200 G4i Folder Inserter Machine

Whether you’re processing invoices, personalised direct mail, or highly confidential financial documents into envelopes or flats, the DS-1200 G4i...

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