DS-35 Folder Inserter Machine

Now you don't need to spend hours folding & inserting your monthly invoices, account statements or other mail runs. Thanks to the compact, affordable and easy-to-use DS-35 folder inserter, businesses of any size can get a folding & inserting solution that will save both time and money.The DS-35 will fold, insert and seal your documents, all at the touch of a button.

Fold, fill and send your mail fast and accurately with Neopost, our new generation folder inserters provide the precision, speed and professional finish for your outgoing mail. Save time and manpower with an automated system for invoicing, marketing mail and newsletters; our systems also allow you mail pricing management, personalization of content and information security

For small to medium size enterprises, the Letter Stuffing Machine DS-35 offers compact, quiet systems with high capacity performance. Neat folding, accurate multiple sheet folding, transactional mail systems, intelligent mark reading…

Paper Folding Machine DS-35, Your Friendly Assistant



Up to 1,350 envelopes per hour


Folding capacity: Up to 5 sheets

Fold types: letter, zigzag, single, double parallel, no fold

Envelope Sizes

C5, 6'x9', C5/6, DL, #10

Feeder & Document

Sheet feeders

  • Number of sheet feeders: 2x A4 Feeders + 1 Insert Feeder
  • Document feeder capacity: 100 sheets
  • Document weight: 65 - 120 gsm
  • Document size: Up to 14" / 356mm

Insert Feeder

  • Number of Insert feeders: 1
  • Insert feeder capacity: 100
  • Insert weight: 75 - 250 gsm
  • Insert size: Up to 158mm length
Machine Dimensions

Length: 658 mm / Height: 540 mm / Depth: 420 mm