FlashForge Guider IIs - 3D Printer

Guider II is a professional 3D printer, and follows its predecessor in its reputable structure. With an all-metal frame design and body side panels made of high-strength ABS material, the Guider II not only has a stable print performance, but is lightweight and durable.

FlashForge Guider IIs - 3D Printer

Compared to the first generation, Guider II incorporates more types of filament, such as the transparent top cover and front doors, allowing the print cavity temperature to be more stable. Guider II also includes a new Resume Printing function after power failure to ensure a smoother user experience.




Printing Precision (mm)


Size (mm)

549 x 490 x 755mm

Package Size (mm)

670 x 615 x 695mm

Build Volume (mm)


Net Weight / Gross Weight. (kg)