Create an impressive presentation with these flexible and stylish binding spines.

Spiral coil keeps its shape with bounce-back flexibility for a professional appearance. The spine lets pages lie flat for 360? rotation. Spiral coil spines are available in black, white, clear, navy and silver; in diameters from 6mm to 33mm.

Spiral Coil Binding & Hole Punch & Closers:
Magnapunch Pro | MP2500iX | MP2000 C4 | CC2700

Quadient Binding Guide

Hole Punchers & Finishers

GBC Magnapunch Pro Hole Punching Machine
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC Magnapunch Pro

Meet the all-new Magnapunchâ„¢ Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and...

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GBC MP2500iX, Hole Punching Machine
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2500iX

Binding doesn't get any simpler! The GBC Modular Punch MP2500iX is an interchangeable die punch designed with productivity and versatility in mind. Choose...

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GBC MP2000 Hole Punch Machine
Moderate-Duty Punch Machine

GBC MP2000

The GBC MP2000 features a vertical open-throat punch designed for easy paper alignment, thereby eliminating punching skew. Designed with user...
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GBC CC2700, Binding Machine
Electric Coil Inserter Machine

GBC CC2700

The GBC CC2700 dual-action roller system gets CoilBind spines through punched sheets with reliable ease, and three adjustable spine-size...

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NeoBind 989 Heavy Duty Punch
Heavy-Duty Punch Machine

NeoBind 989

Electric punching capability improve eciency in the punching process which normally is the main bottleneck in binding of books. One machine that can punch...

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