DS-40i Folder Inserter

The DS-40i is a best-in-class system that brings efficiency, productivity and reliability together to meet the demands of your unique mailing process.

Mail Assembly Made Easy

What if you could assemble 1,000 pieces of mail in under an hour? With the DS-40i folder inserter, you can. Fold, stuff, metre and send off your mail in very little time - moving your mailing process from hours to minutes. With the DS-40i, you will produce professional looking mail pieces every time, bringing added time savings to your business and allowing you to focus back on your other important activities.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Effortlessly move through the 5-inch colour touchscreen thanks to the integrated Wizard software. Seamlessly connect your DS-40i to your Wi-Fi network using its embedded Wi-Fi module, or use its remote assistance and remote control capabilities.


Thirteen times faster than using a manual process, the DS-40i folds, collates, adds inserts, seals, and counts up to 22 finished envelopes a minute. Load and run up to 100 documents at a time from each feeder without needing to reload.


Easily incorporate the DS-40i into any office environment, thanks to its modern design and low noise level. The DS-40i includes two attached document feeders for working with different sized documents, inserts or envelopes. Choose from four different folding types for professional looking customer communications.


Reliable double feeding detection with no sensitivity to colour paper or dust ensures that all documents are sent to the correct recipient.



"As many as 1,350 documents an hour (22/minute) Up to 3,000 finished envelopes per month "

Document Handling

Handles DL, DLE, DLX, Max POP & C5 envelopes Fold up to 5 pages if single folded, or 3 pages letter folded

System Dimensions

System dimensions vary depending on configuration

Length - 658 mm

Height - 540 mm

Depth - 420 mm
Weight 37kg