Document process automation - automated customer communications: Neopost can help bring your company’s communications into the 21st century.

Processing documentation has always been a laborious task. And with the volumes of documents companies now regularly have to send out, it’s one that can no longer be carried out manually. Document process automation - automated customer communications is already big business, thanks to the cost and time savings it offers.

Neopost offers automatic mail processing solutions to cater to all requirements.  Our OMS-200 solution cuts down on time spent sorting envelopes and works in tandem with folding and inserting technology.

Neopost document process automation solutions:

  • Enhance
  • Customize
  • Process
  • Track
  • Store

Designed for automated customer communications (business documents, marketing campaigns and more), document output tools are one simple way of increasing customer satisfaction and reducing staff’s workload. In fact, a similar approach can be applied to everything from invoicing to managing undelivered mail.

Document process automation - automated customer communications: take the hard work out of mail sorting with automatic mail processing solutions

One area in which document process automation can really revolutionize corporate operations is in the mailroom department. The aptly named PrintMachine is at the heart of any drive to deliver automated customer communications.

It not only automates mail processing, but also document production, dispatch and storage. Its parallel printing functionality means you can run multiple printers at the same time, offering greatly increased output. You can customize your communications ad infinitum and even cut down on the percentage of undeliverable mail thanks to certified address management software. This tool can be used in partnership with the DS-200 automatic folder inserter, as well as certain kinds of envelope manager and postage meters.

More details on document process automation packages and automated customer communications solutions can be found on our ‘products and solutions’ page.