Document distribution software - business document software: Neopost’s multi-channel delivery options offer companies the freedom of a more flexible approach

The era of the paperless office never quite materialized in the way that some predicted it would. Companies still need to send customers, prospects and staff documents in both paper and digital format. This means that document distribution software and business document software packages are more important than ever before. A quick look at  our website reveals multiple document creation and processing tools for document delivery.

Our document output section is particularly relevant for companies interested in taking a multichannel approach to their communications. However, firms care about more than just flexibility. The right solution will also offer companies:

  • The capacity to customize communications
  • Security
  • Data integrity
  • Data enhancement options
  • Tracking features

Document distribution software and business document software fall into several main categories. Output management software is one such product category. These solutions’ main goal is often that of maximizing the volume of mail processed. Although they are powerful tools, they are also designed for ease-of-use.

Document distribution software - business document software: enabling more effective customer communications management

Sometimes what counts is not so much the ability to send out documents in large quantities, but the capacity to tailor your message to individuals. In this case, CCM or Customer Communications Management may be what you need. This branch ofdocument distribution software – business document software solutions enables you to choose the communication medium that’s best suited to your customers. Options include:

  • Surface mail
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social networks
  • Fax

Neopost’s OMS-500 multichannel output management software package is another document distribution software –business document software tool. It’s an all-in-one solution that will be particularly helpful for businesses that have to manage a variety of delivery options. If you’d like to find out more about this package, just contact us for more details.