Classify, Sort, Separate And Extract Data From Each Individual Form With A Single Simple Process


Classification module relieves the pain by allowing users to scan stacks of different form types within a single batch. Rather than having a user manually sort pages prior to scanning, our document recognition technology can take care of that for you.

The Classification module provides the following features:

  • Automatic document type/form identification Form page count validation
  • Automated separation based on identified form type
  • Data extraction rules based on forms
  • Enhanced logic eases all form and disparate document processing

Classification can be used in conjunction with all of PSIGEN’s modules to give you the ultimate in document automation for scanning documents with any scanner or copier, or importing documents from a network location using auto-import. Fully automate your document processes today, streamline your process and save time and money.



ACE is a brand-new addition to the Classification engine that provides the ability to build custom classification form definitions on-the-fly in the middle of a production batch or within batch mode. This new addition allows users to create a Classification workflow that is highly accurate and adaptable.

ACE allows end-users to:

  • Build rules for Classification form definition using point-and-click and dropdown lists
  • Select or create new record type(s) for the form
  • Build Table Extractions settings (if applicable)
  • Save new forms to global Classification settings on the Document Type or as Global Classification form definition to run against the current batch