Harvesting Document Data Automatically

Automating and adding efficiency to the scanning and capture process can have a huge impact on your organization. The less time required to enter document data, the more time employees have for other tasks. The ADE module is utilized with our OCR module and parses through converted text to look for key terms and expressions. Once these expressions are recognized, they can be associated with documents. This feature allows the automated collection of information on documents that typically required manual data entry.  The module can be used for invoice processing, correspondence scanning, accounts receivable scanning and a wide variety of other uses.


Below is a list of extraction features for PSI:Capture Enterprise and PSI:Capture for MFPs.



  • Examine, analyze and search OCR Text to identify key expressions or terms
  • Full Microsoft .Net regular expression support for character matching
  • Invoice Processing and AP Automation
  • Accounting data extraction
  • Apply filtering expressions to OCR zone (s)
  • Provides for proximity analysis, where expressions before or after terms can be read.
  • Extraction can be applied to just about any automated process in PSI:Capture