Neotouch by Neopost is a powerful web-based solution that handles the preparation and delivery of your business communications via a user friendly online interface.  Neotouch by Neopost gives you the power to print, sort, fulfil meter your envelopes with postage and deliver them to the post office – all in the same day.

Are customers starting to request soft copies of transactional mail such as invoices and statements? Neopost by Neotouch provides the ability to send your documents via alternate delivery channels such as email, fax or SMS. With NeoTouch, you can send a single document or a batch job of thousands. You can also personalise your documents by adding promotional inserts and varying page lengths.


Reception of invoices
Digitise your paper invoices or receive your electronic invoices to a specific e-mail address

Automatically enter invoices
Capture all the data from your digitised or electronic invoices with an optical character recognition system

Accounting and analytical allocation
Choose automatic or manual mode, according to your own management rules

Account records
Add data to your accounting software or your ERP

Send invoices for validation to the various approvers

Electronic archiving
Check your supplier invoices for 10 years

A dedicated solution to optimise processing invoices

Reception and capture of invoice data

• Digitisation of paper invoices
• Automatic processing of invoices received by e-mail
• Management of legal multi-entities and multi-sites
• Automated extraction of data from invoices

Check and reconciliation

• Checking listed suppliers and duplicate invoices
• Consistency check on amounts
• Accounting and analytical allocations
• Attachments (orders, delivery notes, etc)
• Initiating approval workflow

Validating invoices

• E-mail notification to each approver
• Managing absences to delegate approvals
• Mobile app to validate invoices

Integration into accounting software or ERP

• Data export to accounting software or ERP
• Good to pay status update, to initiate invoice payment

On-line electronic archiving for 10 years

• Secure archiving of invoice images and data
• 24/7 online consultation
• Link available to access archives from accounting software or ERP

Audit trail with dashboard and tracking indicators

• Real-time tracking of supplier invoices reception process
• Coded indicators for the various statuses (awaiting accounting, awaiting validation, to be paid, etc)
• Customised dashboards