Response Management

Quadient Inspire intelligently captures, tracks and manages customer responses back into the business environment for greater customer insight, to trigger follow-on actions and generate personalized, relevant communications.



Response management through multiple channels

Quadient Inspire enables businesses to measure and evaluate customer responses through SMS, print, e-mail communications and more. Businesses can drill down to granular level data of click-through rates, open rates, visits to personalized URL’s, callbacks and more.


Capture information with dynamic surveys

Create dynamic surveys to gain valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your customer communications and individual customer preferences. With Quadient Inspire you can deploy these surveys through any channel to encourage participation. 


Enterprise feedback management

Customers interact and respond to your business communications through many channels such as call centers, customer purchases, visiting stores and more. Quadient Inspire makes it easy to keep track of this continual incoming data and automatically pushes data back into the appropriate enterprise systems.