Process Management & Automation

At the core of Quadient Inspire is a powerful engine, driving and controlling the entire communications process for maximum precision and efficiency. Delivering solid process management and automation capabilities, leading businesses trust Quadient Inspire to manage the most critical and complex customer communications.



Business process management

Campaign management

Oversee and track all communication activities from planning, through to deployment, production, delivery and response measurement. 


Business process integration

Leverage existing investments through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and connect to your existing services framework to power both batch and on-line applications.


Compliance with SLA

Quadient Inspire can be configured to comply with your business rules and guidelines, continuously monitoring key performance indicators in relation to defined service level agreements. 


Business process automation

Automated document factory (ADF)

Quadient Inspire automation provides integrated ┬źdocument factory┬╗ capabilities for managing and controlling the entire communication process to ensure adherence to quality processes and to rectify defects in real time. 


Configure automation for specific business processes

The automation engine can be configured to power any business process to streamline your structured, interactive and on-demand communications. 


Enterprise archive and retrieval system

Automatically archive and store communications in the right place without your business users having to give it a single thought. Archives can be retrieved instantly to improve Call Center conversations and support customer service staff.