Customer Insight

Exceptional data management capabilities enable your business to intelligently bring together data silos across your business providing a single view of every customer. Quadient Inspire unlocks the true value of your customer data enabling your business to understand the exact buying motivators for every customer.



Works with any data source

Quadient Inspire manages data from almost any data source including CRM, ERP, SAP, ECM, web-based XML, and even real-time data. With the capability to combine information easily across data silos, your business can effortlessly produce thousands of personalized, relevant communications every day.


Social media integration

Quadient Inspire enables you to profit from the valuable insight that customers provide through social media sites, blogs, videos and more. Using customer lifestyles, likes and dislikes you can develop impactful communications that get opened, read and responded to.


Customer preference management

Through intelligent surveys that are dynamically adapted to each individual, businesses can effectively capture preferences for every customer. Quadient Inspire manages these individual preferences directly in every communication, giving your business increased response rates and an unrivaled competitive advantage.


Customer analytics and segmentation

Quadient Inspire analytics enable businesses to visualize all customer profiles and clusters at a glance. Combining demographics, transaction history and customer preferences, your business can accurately segment the customer base for closer targeted multichannel campaigns. 


Configure automation for specific business processes

The automation engine can be configured to power any business process to streamline your structured, interactive and on-demand communications. 


Enterprise archive and retrieval system

Automatically archive and store communications in the right place without your business users having to give it a single thought. Archives can be retrieved instantly to improve Call Center conversations and support customer service staff.