What Does Document Integrity Means?

What Does Document Integrity Means?


There are different levels of integrity, and they all help to contribute toward making sure your mail process is compliant. At the first and simplest level, organizations can implement a system to instruct their folder inserter when to accumulate and when to insert a set of documents. This would mean that if Customer A was to get 3 pages we could tell the inserter to accumulate the first two pages and then insert all three pages when it sees an insert command. 

A Higher Level of Document Integrity

To get a higher level of integrity, we need to determine if those pages actually belong to Customer A and that part of Customer B was not included. A higher level of document integrity means we can identify the document set that is being processed.

The Right Choice of Folder Inserter

breach of document integrity occurs when for example a page is not in the right order in a set of documents that is being inserted into envelopes. When a breach of document integrity is identified, the operator needs to be alerted so that he can take corrective action. The corrective action will often be restricted by the configuration and capabilities of the folder inserter hardware being used. This is when true “Integrated Integrity” will set the hardware apart. This means a system should always know exactly where each mail piece is and not allow these mail pieces to be altered by hand.

A Secure Process for Document Delivery

As each module of the folder inserter processes a document it passes an electronic data packet (a unit of data made into a package that travels along a given path) relating to that document to the next module. Think of this as sending a letter to a colleague, and emailing him to let him know it is on its way. When he receives the letter, he adds a brochure to it and sends it on to another colleague. When he does so, he forwards your email with a note to say what he has done. By using this method the email is building up a history of the document and its attachments as it is sent through the mail. This is how the data packet builds a history of each document’s secure progress through the folder inserter all the way into the envelope.