How to meet growing demands on your mailing processes this holiday season

How to meet growing demands on your mailing processes this holiday season


The holiday season makes for an especially busy time in the post room. While the usual volume and mix of communications needs to go out, the season often brings with it additional incoming and outgoing envelopes and parcels to be processed. While outgoing mail needs to be sent out quickly, this time of year often coincides with more staff on holiday, so the workload goes up, while the available resources go down.

A particularly time-consuming activity that can jeopardise getting mail out on time is envelope-stuffing. If staff have to physically fold correspondence, put letters or other mailings into envelopes and close them ready for postage, the end-to-end outgoing mail process can be a lengthy one. 

Spend less time preparing outgoing mail 

folder inserter automates envelope-stuffing for faster end-to-end outgoing mail management. It folds mailings, inserts them into envelopes and closes those envelopes ready for postage. It gets mailings into envelopes considerably faster than staff can by hand.  

It can also make a significant contribution to helping improve mail accuracy and security by working in conjunction with outgoing mail management software and intelligent barcodes to ensure that each person receives the correct documents.  

The right tool for the job 

With a folder inserter, businesses can: 

  • Save time as the folder inserter completes folding and envelope-stuffing much faster than staff can do by hand. This frees up staff to focus on more value-add activities 

  • Handle increases in mail volumes which is particularly valuable at times of an uplift in outbound mail, such as during the holiday season when fewer people may be available to prepare the mail. The scalability of a folder inserter also provides peace of mind that if outgoing mail volumes increase gradually over time, envelope-stuffing needn’t become a limiting factor in the process 

  • Help bring document security and integrity into mail management processes as the folder inserter can work together with mail management software and barcoding technology to ensure that the right documents go to the right recipients every time. 

A folder inserter is a must-have for companies regularly processing quantities of outgoing mail. At peak times, such as this holiday season, it can really deliver benefits. Releasing staff from the lengthy, manual, and often error-prone activity of folding correspondence and stuffing envelopes frees up time that can be reassigned to activities that generate more value for the business.