How to increase customer satisfaction through effective communications

How to increase customer satisfaction through effective communications


Good customer experiences result from effective business communications and this helps build the business’ brand. Automation helps companies meet the challenge of personalising communications and issuing them to the right person through their preferred channel every time.

Customer choice

Brand loyalty is an increasingly rare commodity these days. Customers have seemingly endless choice, making it harder for companies to stand out. One thing is clear, many factors beyond the actual product or service influence buying decisions. It’s important for a company to be easy to do business with and to meet customer expectations.

Communications is a case in point. Companies can now interact with customers and clients in many ways. Physical mail still dominates in many situations, but digital options are now also used. The important thing is that the choice of which communications channel to use, and when, should lie with the customer, not the company.

Consumers often switch between channels and may have preferred channels for particular communications. Invoices are a prime example. Increasingly, companies prefer to receive them digitally for ease of storage and passing for payment. 

Targeted messages through the right channel

Customers want to be contacted the way they prefer to be and to receive messages that demonstrate the company knows who they are. This means correct addressing and appropriate mailings. If information isn’t relevant – if a mailer promotes a service the customer already has for example - sending it is not only wasteful, it also gives the wrong impression.

To increase customer satisfaction through business communications, the goal must be personalised messages, sent through the customer’s channel of choice.

This isn’t easy to achieve with manual processes. Amending documents to personalise them and reformatting them for different channels is time consuming and error-prone. Instead, companies can choose process automation and multichannel delivery with centralised communications that manage customer preferences and distribution.  

This saves time and money and gives companies the reassurance that the right message will reach each customer through their preferred channel every time for increased customer satisfaction. 

The multichannel communications management software solution

By automating and digitising communications processes, companies can deliver personalised communications to customers through their channel of choice achieving:

  • Improved customer satisfaction – with appropriately targeted messages delivered in the right way every time
  • Time savings – compared to manual communications management
  • Cost reductions – through postal savings from grouping, batch printing, sorting and merging
  • Communications integrity – with the security of each correspondence always reaching the intended recipient.