Dear Neopost Postage Meter Customers,


Australia Post recently announced new pricing structures for business mail including new delivery standards “Priority” and “Regular”. Your new Postage Meter rates will allow you to select the appropriate delivery service and automatically print the required service for you.

For more information on the new delivery standards please download our information sheet “2 Speed Mail – What does it mean for your business” and visit the Australia Post site at

A new product will also be available to our Postage Meter users from June 2 “Meter Satchels”, these will be at a discounted price from those available over the counter and you won’t need to pre-pay, pay as you go !

Please note your model of Postage Meter below for up to date details:

Neopost IS-280/350/420/440/480 (licence numbers starting with 8Nxxxxxxxx). You will receive an email with instructions. Please connect your postage meter to download the latest file.

Neopost IJ-25 II IJ40/50/80/90/110 (licence numbers starting with 8xxxxxxxxx). Available for download.

Please review this page from time to time for more information on downloading these rates.


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