Fold, insert and seal envelopes. Process mail 10-40 times faster than by hand.

Letter folding and inserting machines save time and money by automating tedious manual tasks, allowing you and your staff to focus on more productive duties, whilst achieving rapid return on investment. Neopost folder inserters process mail 10 to 40 times faster than by hand. There's an envelope inserting machine for every size of business, from desktop to floor-standing. Manage your business and promotional mailings more efficiently.

Low Volume Folder Inserters

Neopost DS-35

Compact, quiet and contemporary in design.

Neopost DS-63

Fully accessible. Easy to use, ergonomic design.

Neopost DS-65

The smart, compact and easy-to-use mail solution.

Mid Volume Folder Inserters

Neopost DS-75

Productivity made easy. Compact footprint.

Neopost DS-85

High productivity in a small footprint. Modular design.

Neopost DS-90

Productivity, flexibility and ease of use at its highest.

High Volume Folder Inserters

Neopost DS-100

Streamlined for speed, simplicity and accuracy.

Neopost DS-1000

High performance inserting. Streamline mail processing.

Neopost DS-140

Track activity and optimize mailing operations.

Neopost DS-1200

Real time internal control provides total mail security.

Neopost DS-200

Outstanding productivity to handle a variety of mail.

Paper Folders

Duplo DF-1200

High speed suction folding with automatic set-up.

Duplo DF-755

Compact and affordable. 120 pages per minute.

Duplo DF-980

Reliable, high speed, user friendly automatic folder.

Hedman HF-200

Versatile document folder. Compact and quiet.

Duplo DF-777

Automatic tabletop folder. 135 pages per minute.

Commercial Folding Machines

Multigraf CF-375

Fully automated creaser folder, up to 400gsm.

Duplo DC-445 IFS

Fully automated creasing and folding solution.

Eurofold 235 SM/SA

Modular folding machine, with deep pile feeder.


Folders & Inserters

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