Automate finishing of digitally printed sheets, and increase product offerings.

Duplo slitter/cutter/creasers operate as standalone units or inline with bookletmakers. They are an automated way for finishing digitally printed sheets using camera detection to ensure that the image is correctly positioned and offering a wide range of product possibilities; including business cards, greetings cards, book covers and so on.
Neopost Australia has a range of digital finishing solutions: be it for edge trimming, cutting, creasing or perforation. Available in manual and electric models, trimboards feature hardened steel blades and metallic components - from small desktop to freestanding and foam board.


Duplo Ultra Cut 130

Interchangeable slit, score, perforation cassettes.

Duplo Ultra Cut 240

SRA3 Card Cutter, slit, score, perforation modules.

DT Series Trimboards

Manual and freestanding trimboards. 650mm-2.5m.



Manual creaser to 450gsm. 360mm creasing width.

Duplo DC-445 Creaser

15 creases in a single pass. Automatic suction feeder.


460mm creaser perforator, with interchangeable tools.

Multigraf CP-375

Fully automated creaser perforator, 80-400gsm.


High speed creasing to 350gsm. Programmable.

Multigraf CP-375 DUO

Crease, Perforate and Strike/Time Perforation.

Slit, Cut & Crease

Duplo DC-616

Slit, cut and crease up to 350gsm in a single pass.

Duplo DC-646

Automated precision. 8 slits, 25 cuts, 20 creases.

Duplo DC-745

Ultimate finishing solution. Increased versatility.

Paper Folding Machines

Duplo DF-1200

High speed suction folding with automatic set-up.

Duplo DF-755

Compact and affordable. 120 pages per minute.

Duplo DF-980

Reliable, high speed, user friendly automatic folder.

Hedman HF-200

Versatile document folder. Compact and quiet.

Duplo DF-777

Automatic tabletop folder. 135 pages per minute.

Commercial Folding Machines

Multigraf CF-375

Fully automated creaser folder, up to 400gsm.

Eurofold 235 SM/SA

Modular folding machine, with deep pile feeder.

Duplo DC-445 IFS

Fully automated creasing and folding solution.

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